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Monday, January 25, 2016


I thought I'd show you the page I made to put in my PL album this year. It will sit in the current album I am working in do I can add to it regularly. I made a card for each of the things that have specific challenges for myself.

My updates are as follows:

1. I have indead gone back to Weight Watchers- every Saturday

2. Started back at the gym- aiming for 4 days a week, so far I'm on target

3. The hunny and I have had 3 "dates"

4. Working on my 2015 PL and DD

5. The purging is the biggest. I've gotten rid of 81 things so far!

6. I've tried 4 new recipes, bit am cooking regularly.

7. Currently reading "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

8. Have not purchased any new Scrapbooking supplies. Ok, I did purchase a paper pad in the heat of anger, but returned it when I came to my senses! I've been digging through my things for forgotten items, and gotten rid of some I know I won't use!

9. No cross stitching as of yet, nor have any home projects been completed (progress is happening in a few areas though!)

10. Have my FLY shedule, did the kitchen week, did not do this weeks items:(

11. The money challenge is on track

12. Water, I've been drinking so much water thanks to friends, I've been floating!

Thanks about it so far. On the other side of the page I will put it some pics pertaining to each card.
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1 comment:

Melissa Renkawitz said...

Off to a good start, keep it up!