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Thursday, January 21, 2016



This is my "One Little Word" for this year. What really needs to change, is my activity level on this blog! Life gets in the way, and some things need to be pushed aside, and this was it. I started fostering cats/kittens last year, and got into it full speed ahead. I was consuming my every moment. I am still fostering, but I have "changed" my degree of fostering. I am taking me time, as well as family time.

So my changes are as follows:
(Bear with me, this is longgggg)

1. SPENDING: I want to cut coupons, stop eating out.

2. READING: I used to be an avid reader, and yet again when things have to be pushed aside...
I want to read 52 books this year.

3. COOKING: Not a lot of that happens at my house. My family really prefers to eat out, not that I am a horrible cook. I will try 52 new recipes this year.

4. HEALTH: I am going to watch what I eat, get back to Weight Watchers, and rejoin the gym.

5. ORGANIZATION: I need to get on this! Learn new techniques, tricks.

6. MARRIAGE: Needs to be more effort here. Talking, doing things together, the girls are older now, time to start doing more for us. I bow 52 "dates " with the hubby!

7. SCRAPPING: Oh my, talk about behind. I want to change how much time is spent completing projects. Goal, finish 2013 and 2015 December  Daily(s), finish 2014 and 2015 Project Life(s), and stay current with 2016. Also I would like to accomplish some 12x12 layouts.

8. JOURNALING: This needs to change. I am not a huge journaled, which is not good, it's why we scrapbook, to preserve our memories. I would like to take a class to improve this.

9.  PURGE: I am changing my outlook on what's important enough to keep. My goal is to throw/donate/give 1000 items from my home.

10. GARDENING: I had a beautiful garden the summer of 2014, I want to get back to growing a large amount of our summer foods. Incest in a couple lemon and avacado trees.

11. ME TIME: Do a bit more for myself. Go to more crops, lunches with friends, CKC!

12. FLYLADY: Oh yes, I need to change my current relationship with her! I was so on track when we were together;)

13. CHARITABLE GIFTING: I would like to get back to "giving back". Donating to St. Jude's, ASPCA again. I would also like to look into going to senior centers, maybe to read to them, make cards for, decorate their doors, make baskets for the holidays if they have no families around.

14. "BASH YOUR STASH" CHALLENGE: I'm in! You are to use only your own stash for the year, no purchases, aside from glues, inks, things that deplete that are needed to continue. I need to rethink the items in my craft room, will I use them? Definetly don't need anything new!

15. MENTAL: I need to relax. Be more positive. BREATHE!

16. EDUCATION: Learn 52 new things over the next year, can be anything. Again, a journaling class, maybe a sewing class?

17. ENTERTAINING: I love having people over, having parties, cookouts. I need to do more of this.

18. HOME: 52 projects. I have many that need conquering. Finish front porch, driveway, family room and art rooms in the basement (currently being built) just to name a few.

19. MONEY CHALLENGE: Complete the 52 week money challenge this year. $2 first week, $4 second, $8 third etc.

20. DECORATING: I'm a Scrudge! I don't decorate for anything, this must change. I want to hang a wreath or something for on the door for each holiday for starts. Get crafting Michelle!

21. WATER: Drink it. One can not live strictly on 4 cups of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee! (Although I'm sure Dunkin Donuts wouldn't mind if I did!)

22. CROSS STITCHING: I used to be a cross stitcher, I have fallen off that wagon too. My goal is to finish some of the many projects I have started.

23. MOUTH: Hardest one of all. "Hi, my name is Michelle, and I am a potty mouth". There, I said it, and I hate it.

24. CARDS: I used to sell Stampin Up, so, I made cards. I don't sell it anymore, and no one gets a card from me. Not a"hi, how ya doing", no, " hope you feel better", a "happy birthday", forget about it! You get the point, this too shall change.

And last, (your thinking thank goodness, if you haven't stopped reading already!).

25. RECIPE PROJECT: Of course this is a surprise for my girls. I will leave this one as is, in case they read it!

Keep following for updates on all my "changes".
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