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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Life Work Area Part 1

I had mentioned in a previous post that I would share my craft room. I used to sell Stampin Up! and my room is still somewhat set up with alot of "stampin stuff". I have been over the last few months since I stopped selling it, moving things around, removing some things, and getting rid of some things. I still make cards, but now I have the freedom to use whatever items I want on them. So, here we go, I will show the part of my room that I use for Project Life. I will break it down into pictures, so I can explain what is in each picture. I must first say that I am a lover of milk glass, and it is what I try to use to store my things. I feel the white really helps with all the other busy colors in the room. I will be breaking this down into two post due to the amount I want to show you, so come back tomorrow to see the rest!

Picture #1
It is an Ikea paper holder. I keep index cards of all sizes, lined and blank as well as white labels in the front pocket. The outer pockets hold colored markers. Next I have my October Afternoon label and word sticker sheets on the left, and all other brands of label, word, and border stickers on the right. Behind those I have all of my Lily Bee alphas and after that are all my other 12x12 alpha, element, and accent sticker sheets.

Picture #2
The big bowl holds misc tags from different companies. The small is tags and label from one set. The hanging dish holds pens, pencils, markers, and some random tools. I also have a bowl of my date stamps of different sizes.

Picture #3
The 3 wire baskets are actually hanging baskets from Ikea.
Basket 1:
Has all my 4x6 cards in it. They are Project Life as well as purchased cards and pre cut cards. I also have the day/arrow sticker sheets from PL.
Basket 2:
Has all 3x4 journal cards. They are Project Life, grid, index, and any other lined/grid papers I have found and cut to have on hand.
Basket 3:
Has 3x4 cards in it as well. They are purchased cards, free printable and pieces I have cut myself from paper I had.

Above the baskets I have an Ikea rod that holds my most used punches on it. In front of the basets I keep my inks, stamp blocks and corner rounder handy.

Picture #4
I have a bowl that holds some of my most used single or small size stamps. The pot behind it holds common hole punches as well as my stapler. The bowl to the right holds alot of decorative cards from companies like October Afternoon, and many other pieces. The two small bowls hold my Elles Studio journal cards and little tid bits. In the back is another paper holder from Ikea. In the front pockets I keep all my label stickers. The side pouches hold more markers. In the back are more random sticker sheets.

Dont forget to come back tomorrow to see the rest of my Project Life space!

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