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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hip Kit Club - Kill A Kit part 1

I have been watching a lot of youtube videos and Kill a Kit kept popping up. Not once in all the time ive been receiving my kits had I tried it! Well, this was the day, I was going to attempt to kill my February Hip Kits! I subscribe to the main, project life and the embellishment kits, so I had a lot to work with! So here goes...

So this was my first days attemp at killing my kits.  It's going well, I have ALOT LEFT, and I'm loving this. Getting myself out of the " don't use all that or you won't have any left" mentality is awesome, very liberating, and totally new to me. I'm doing this on purpose, yeah me! 

I did add Heidi Swapp color shine, some vellum, tissue paper, and a doily from my stash, but that's aloud;)  I hope you enjoyed these, I'll be back tomorrow with some more from the "Kill a Kit" series. I may even try to make this an on going series, we'll see. I'd love to hear your feedback and pins are always aloud. I also accept questions. Thanks again!

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1 comment:

Melissa said...

Love what you've shared so far, looking forward to the rest of your layouts from this kit!