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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weekly Schedule

Hi all! I'm going to throw something out there, and see what you all think. So here goes, what about a weekly schedule? You can check here each day for a specific type of challenge post. Here was my idea:

Kill a Kit Monday
Take From Your Stash Tuesday
Weekly layout Wednesday
Using Project Life on your Scrapbook Pages Thursday
Project Life Friday
Weekend Warrior Challenges ( random challenges over the weekend I've decided to be involved in, or come up with on my own. Such as sketch challenges, collection challenges, mood board challenges etc.)

As far as the Weekend Warrior Challenges, I would love it if you linked you take on those challenges in the comments. I'd love to see you take on the same challenges. Heck Id love to see your take on any of the weeks challenges.

I realize this is a huge commitment, so this will start next Monday. I will be working this week to get a jump start so if life gets hectic, I still have things ready to go. So, tell me what you think, would anyone be interested?
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Melissa said...

Sounds exciting! I'm anxious to see what you produce, and will play along when I can.

Lori said...

I am so glad that I found your blog! I will be checking it out daily and maybe I'll even get a chance to play along with a weekend warrior challenge or two!